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Our Concept
We started out  in November 2010 as a serious 10 man guild and since then, have proved that we have staying power and a core of members who are committed to making the guild a success. 

We aim for serious raid progression within a strong and close community. Our community has a healthy balance between progression raiding and the needs of the people in the guild. We have consistently shown that even if you have a hectic real life you can still be part of focused and fun raiding. 
We believe it is important to keep our member base relatively small and tight knit, to ensure that the members we have will bond and get to know each other as well as having the chance to get the items and achievements they are aiming for.

Raiding with Proximity
We do expect all our members to know their class 100%, and that they are always on top of and aware of any class or mechanic changes and specced into the most effective pve build for them at that time. We also expect that our members will always show up prepared for all encounters. This means that you have read and understood the boss fights that we currently are progressing on, and you have all your consumables ready for a full night of raiding. We also have a policy of only accepting members that are 18 years of age and older as we expect a high level of responsability and maturity within our community.

Guild Leadership
A great guild starts with great management; we keep a good balance between different types of officers and tight relationships between members. We keep to a fluid structure of responsibility; this breeds honesty, trust and mutual respect so that we can rely upon each other.

We know that happy raiders are good raiders, so we promise to keep a lively, friendly and family-like atmosphere within the guild.

Our officers are handpicked, have shown great talent within raids and have years of trusted experience. From seeing poorly executed leadership in previous guilds we made sure to never let our guildies down and to always do what is best for the guild.

Best Regards
Proximity Officer Team
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